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If you are missing all of your teeth or even just one, dental implants are the best solution that dentistry can offer. With proper care and routine dental examinations, implants can last a lifetime. On average, a pair of dentures or a bridge lasts about 5-10 years. Implants are becoming the standard of care for missing teeth.
Dental implants do not need to be removed at night. The anxiety and worry about an embarrassing situation such as your teeth coming out during an important dinner is a problem of the past.  Implants also prevent bone loss and help maintain your natural facial structure. No one wants the sunken aged look.

Our office offers:
All-on-X or Hybrid Dentures: Where 4-6 implants are placed per arch and an arch of teeth is attached without a palate

Overdentures: Dentures that snap on and off 2-4 implants per arch. Implants for a single missing tooth or for sections of missing teeth.

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Dr. Greene and her assistants are trained by the implant guru, Dr. McCracken from the Alabama Foundry Dental Center. In addition, Dr. Greene trained in implant and surgical dentistry during a residency at the Dallas VA hospital with the oral surgery department.

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