Dental Crown in Fort Worth, TX

Save Your Damaged Tooth With a Dental Crown

Healthy teeth are surprisingly resilient. They can experience a significant amount of stress and still remain intact. However, certain infections, impact events, and other severe forms of stress can render them incapable of recovery. Rather than having a badly infected or extremely damaged tooth pulled, you can search for a dental crown near me. With dental crowns, even severe decay and tooth damage can be effectively reversed.

What Are Dental Crowns?

If you've been looking for a dental crown near me, you've likely undergone a root canal procedure in the recent past. At Christina Greene Family Dentistry, Dr. Christina Greene performs root canals whenever cavities are well-advanced and have caused infection in the tooth pulp. During these treatments, she'll clean out all decay and remove the inflamed tooth root. Once this work is done, the treated tooth is filled to restore its integrity and aesthetics with a natural-looking, tooth-colored crown.

A crown is a permanent cap or cover that's placed directly over a damaged or broken tooth. It can:

  • Prevent a dead tooth from deteriorating and falling apart
  • Protect and preserve a tooth that's prone to tooth decay
  • Restore smile aesthetics after a root canal procedure

Are Dental Crowns the Right Choice for You?

Dental caps are perfect for anyone who's looking to avoid the loss of a permanent tooth. Although root canal procedures address the pain and infection that severe tooth decay causes, they leave treated teeth weak, unprotected, and vulnerable to accelerated wear. Moreover, after a tooth root has been extracted, the treated tooth will gradually darken. The only way to preserve the integrity and good looks of a tooth that's undergone a root canal is to have a crown put in.

Replacing a Dental Crown Near Me

Some of our Keller and Fort Worth patients need crowns even though they haven't recently undergone root canals. If you have an old crown that has fractured or fallen off, our team can replace it. Well-made dental caps often last as long as 15 years. In fact, when they're diligently maintained, these smile restorations can last up to 25 years or even longer.

Dr. Greene might recommend a crown even if your natural tooth root still exists. These treatments are great for strengthening and protecting naturally weak teeth, and for preventing recurring problems with tooth cavities.

If you've got a broken, infected, or otherwise damaged tooth, consider having a crown installed. Don't delay in having an essential treatment performed simply because you're afraid of tooth extraction or tooth loss. Dental caps are a feasible alternative to pulling badly damaged teeth. Following a root canal, crowns can improve the look of your smile and provide the same level of functionality as normal, healthy teeth.

Even with significant tooth damage, choosing a dental crown near me is a great way to maintain a complete smile. Call Christina Greene Family Dentistry today to find out more about dental crowns or to set up a consultation.