Dental Crowns in North Richland Hills, TX

Understanding How a Dental Crown Can Help Your Smile

Whenever you have a weak or damaged tooth, it can create many oral health problems. Fortunately, at Christina Greene Family Dentistry, Dr. Greene can create a custom dental crown to help enhance the look of your smile and boost your oral health.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A crown is simply a prosthetic tooth that is placed over the existing tooth or an implant rod. This helps to strengthen the damaged tooth while enhancing its overall appearance. The crown will cover the portion of your tooth that is exposed above the gum line.

The Various Benefits of Getting a Dental Crown

Before you start looking for a dental crown near me, it's likely that you want to know exactly how a crown will benefit you. First and foremost, the crown will help strengthen your weakened tooth to ensure it can withstand chewing. Additionally, the crown will help to protect your remaining tooth from any large cavities or infections.

One of the biggest benefits of a crown that most people enjoy is a cosmetic boost in appearance. Instead of having a weakened-looking tooth, you can have a beautiful prosthetic tooth that looks real. Dr. Greene will utilize the latest technology to create a customized crown that fits the shape of your smile, looks similar to your other teeth, and has a perfect hue allowing it to blend in with your other teeth.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Most patients will need to visit Dr. Greene for two appointments to have their crowns properly installed. At your first visit, Dr. Greene will prep your existing tooth to take the crown. This involves reshaping the tooth to make space for the prosthetic cover to go over it.

Also, at your initial appointment, Dr. Greene will take impressions of your smile so that they can be sent off to the dental laboratory, where your crown will be made. Lastly, she'll place a temporary crown over your tooth so that it's properly protected until you come back in for your second visit.

At your follow-up appointment, Dr. Greene will remove the temporary crown. Next, she'll place the customized crown over your tooth to check it for a perfect fit and color. If everything looks great with your new crown, she'll go ahead and cement it permanently in place. Crowns are considered a long-term solution for weakened teeth for all ages.

Get a Dental Crown Near Me

Don't waste any time searching for a dental crown near me. Rather, contact Christina Greene Family Dentistry in North Richland Hills for all your dental needs.