Tooth Extraction in Haslet, TX

No one enjoys having a tooth pulled. But, it is sometimes necessary to correct certain issues and avoid having more severe problems. If you live in Haslet, TX, and suspect you need a tooth extraction, you can count on Christina Greene Family Dentistry for quality care.

What Is a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extraction is when a tooth is pulled from its socket as part of a dental treatment plan. There are two types of tooth extractions.

  • Simple extractions remove teeth that are above the gum line and visible in your mouth.
  • Surgical extractions require an incision in the gums to remove teeth that are below the gum line and are not visible in the mouth.

Why Are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

When suffering from severe dental pain or damage, tooth extraction isn't what anyone hopes for. We will always try our best to save a tooth using standard treatments like root canals and fillings. However, there are times when a tooth cannot be saved, and pulling it becomes necessary.

Tooth Decay or Infection

Untreated cavities can lead to infection, causing severe pain and swelling. The tooth should be removed when this happens to prevent more severe problems.


When a tooth is badly damaged from injury or accident, it may be impossible to save it.

Orthodontic Treatment

Pulling a tooth is often necessary to create space when correcting crowded or crooked teeth.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth extraction is very common because wisdom teeth often come in at an angle, causing crowding. Impacted wisdom teeth stay trapped under the gums or in the jaw, which can cause pain and infection.

What if I’m Anxious About My Tooth Extraction?

Getting a tooth pulled can be frightening. At Christina Greene Family Dentistry, our goal is to make the process as comfortable as possible. We offer needle-free sedation dentistry for patients who may feel nervous or anxious about the procedure.

What Should I Do After a Tooth Extraction?

Taking care of yourself after a tooth extraction is important to prevent infection and promote healing.

  • Avoid the extraction site when you brush your teeth.
  • Gently rinse your mouth two to three times a day.
  • Avoid drinking from a straw, spitting, and smoking for at least 24 hours following the extraction because you might dislodge the clot forming in the socket, which can lead to a painful condition known as a dry socket.
  • Take all medications as prescribed.

Where Can I Find Tooth Extraction Near Me?

If you need a tooth extraction, call Christina Greene Family Dentistry at 817-656-9078 or complete this online form to schedule an appointment today! We are happy to serve patients from Haslet, TX.