Veneers in Fort Worth, TX

Why Choose Dental Veneers in Fort Worth, TX

When your teeth are chipped, stained, or create gaps in your smile, veneers near me are a fast and efficient option. Here at Christina Greene Family Dentistry, we believe that these dental appliances can have a positive effect on your life. The reasons why choosing veneers with Dr. Christina Greene is a good idea include:

  • Cover cracks and gaps
  • Hide discolored teeth
  • Limited enamel removal
  • A natural-looking dental implant

Understanding Veneers Near Me

This permanent treatment for your teeth in Fort Worth uses a wafer-thin shell placed over the existing tooth. Dr. Greene and our team will work with you during a consultation to decide if this is the correct course of action for you. When you choose these implants, you are hoping to get a natural smile. The different materials that Dr. Greene works include:

  • Resin
  • Porcelain
  • Composite materials

A tooth-shaped shell is attached to the enamel of your tooth to cover any problems you are concerned about with your teeth.

Veneers Look and Feel Natural

At Christina Greene Family Dentistry, we work to produce a custom-filling shell that is attached to the enamel of your tooth. Because veneers are custom-made to fit your mouth, it makes them look and feel natural. Dr. Greene uses an imprint of your teeth to help a lab produce a covering fitting your smile perfectly. When the veneer arrives, Dr. Greene will work to produce a perfectly sculpted smile.

Enamel Removal for Veneers Near Me

Comparing a veneer to a crown or bridge shows the efficiency of the process. Installing bridges and crowns requires Dr. Greene to remove a large amount of your tooth to install the implant. The positives of installing a veneer include removing a small amount of enamel to help your veneer bond to the surface of your tooth. Limiting the removal of enamel reduces the impact of sensitivity and decay in the future.

Veneers Limit Discoloration

Here at Christina Greene Family Dentistry, we see plenty of patients looking for whitening services in Fort Worth. The natural enamel of your smile can be impacted by stains and discoloration. A veneer is resistant to discoloration and stains for longer than your natural tooth enamel.

Dr. Christina Greene understands the requirements of her patients looking for veneers near me. Call today to discuss your options during a consultation with Dr. Greene.