Emergency Dentistry in Fort Worth, TX

What to Do When You Need Emergency Dentistry?

When an accident happens that damages your teeth, jaw, or gums, your experience an "I need emergency dentistry near me" moment. Let Christina Greene Family Dentistry serve as that emergency dentist for you. Our dental office offers emergency dental care, so you can address your dental needs immediately.

How Do You Know You Need Emergency Dentistry?

We use American Dental Association guidelines to help explain to our patient to our patients what defines a dental emergency. Typically, we consider four situations to meet emergency criteria, but you can always phone our office to describe your situation. We'll have you come in immediately if the situation requires it.

  • Knocked-out permanent/adult tooth: Find the tooth and rinse it carefully, without touching the root area. Keep the tooth moist by placing it in a small plastic container full of milk. If you can place it into the tooth socket without touching the root, do so. Proceed immediately to our office.
  • Cracked tooth: Rinse your mouth using warm water. This cleans the tooth and surrounding area. Use a cold compress on your cheek or face to reduce swelling.
  • Object stuck in your mouth: Use a strand of dental floss to gently attempt to remove the object. Avoid using sharp or pointed instruments. If the floss does not work. proceed to our office.
  • Abscessed tooth: An Abscess occurs when a cavity becomes infected. This can cause the tooth to become impacted. It develops white or yellow pus, and the individual typically develops a fever and experiences a loss of appetite. Proceed to our office immediately.

Stay Prepared for Emergency Dentistry  Needs

Dental emergencies, like any other type of emergency, require immediate treatment. If something happens while you're out of town or you're in an area without an emergency dentist, visit the nearest emergency room. Don't wait to seek emergency treatment while looking for emergency dentistry near me, especially if you've lost a tooth.

You can prevent many dental injuries by taking a few precautions. You can avoid many dental injuries by adhering to three simple rules.

  • Wear a mouthguard during any recreational or sports activity.
  • Avoid chewing hard candy, ice, or popcorn kernels. Just let the ice or candy melt in your mouth.
  • Cut all items using scissors or a knife. Avoid using your teeth to cut anything or attempt to open the packaging.

Contact Us for Emergency Dentistry

At Christina Greene Family Dentistry, we're ready and willing to assist you with your dentistry needs, especially your dental emergency. Our office serves individuals and families in the Ft. Worth, TX metropolitan area. Call us when you need to find "emergency dentistry near me."