Dentist in Keller, TX

Your Search for a Dentist in Keller, TX, Can End Here

Dr. Christina Greene offers convenient dental services for all ages in her office in Keller, TX. Dr. Greene knows how scary dental work can be, especially work for children. She brings her own experiences to her practice and uses that in her compassionate treatment of her patients.

The Best Dentist in Keller, TX, for Your Family's Dental Needs

One of the reasons Dr. Greene is one of the most requested dentists in Keller, TX, is that she chooses to take care of the whole family. Visits to the dentist are more pleasant when you feel like you are going to see a friend who knows how to fix your teeth. Dr. Greene prides herself on getting to know her patients and their families as she determines the best course of action for their respective dental issues.

Pediatric Dentistry by a Valued Dentist in Keller, TX

Kids of all ages can get nervous at the thought of going to the dentist. Dr. Greene offers compassion and a gentle technique in her treatment of all of her patients. One of the first reasons children and younger patients visit a dentist is to have their teeth cleaned and a sealant applied for preventive measures. Dr. Greene will explain each step to the child, especially if this is their first time in a dentist's chair.

More complicated procedures might include tooth extraction, being fitted for a mouthguard, and having a cavity filled. Dr. Greene understands that many of her patients can be more anxious thinking about the coming exam than actually going through it. This is one reason she offers needle-free sedation to remove the fear of needles from already nervous patients regardless of their age.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Keller, TX

Some of Dr. Greene's services include a variety of cosmetic dentistry options. As one of the best dentists in Keller, TX, she often applies dental crowns, a protective cover to allow teeth to appear like your natural teeth while they are keeping a tooth free from pain and further disrepair.

Teeth whitening and veneers are procedures that are more focused on aesthetics to help you feel more positive about yourself. Other cosmetic dental services by Dr. Christina Greene include clear aligners, dentures, and more.

Christina Greene Family Dentistry offers dental care for your whole family. From a child's first visit to the dentist to your mother's visit to be fitted for dentures, Dr. Greene is regarded by many as one of the best dentists in Keller, TX. Call today to set up an appointment with Dr. Greene.