Dental Implants in Fort Worth, TX

Get a Healthy, Complete Smile After Tooth Loss With Dental Implants in Fort Worth, TX

Tooth loss can occur for a vast range of reasons. Sometimes teeth are lost as the result of jarring impact events such as car crashes and slip and fall accidents. It may be that you've recently had a badly infected tooth pulled, or that a severely decayed tooth has fallen out on its own. No matter what the cause may be, correcting tooth loss is always the best way to protect the integrity and health of your remaining natural teeth. Patients of Dr. Christina Greene can get natural-looking dental implants that offer a variety of important functional and aesthetic benefits. When you choose dental implants near me, you can experience these benefits firsthand.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a surgical component that's grafted into the jawbone. Once in place, an implant can support various dental prostheses such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. Whether you've lost one or multiple teeth, getting a dental implant will effectively complete your smile, and with entirely natural-looking results. Best of all, dental implants are just as functional as natural teeth. You'll be able to chew and speak just as comfortably as you would with your own teeth. A dental implant can also be brushed, flossed, and maintained in the exact same way. These long-lasting solutions are a top choice in smile restoration among Fort Worth residents.

Why Choose a Procedure for Dental Implants Near Me?

Not only will a dental implant give you the benefit of a complete and entirely natural-looking smile after tooth extraction, but it will also prevent further tooth loss. The titanium posts that are used in these procedures are treated very much like natural tooth roots. Once a titanium post has been installed, your body will restore normal oxygen delivery and blood flow to the treatment area. As a result, the underlying jawbone won't be subjected to the gradual deterioration that invariably occurs with untreated tooth loss.

What to Expect When Getting Dental Implants Near Me

During a dental implant procedure, a single, titanium post will be installed just below your gums in the area of tooth loss. This process takes just one to two hours to complete and can be performed using your choice of anesthesia. An implant takes between two and three months to be fully and securely grafted into the underlying bone. Once grafting is complete, your tooth restoration can be finished with a crown, bridge, or denture.

Are Dental Implants the Right Treatment?

Before searching for dental implants near me and scheduling treatment, it's important to determine whether you're actually a good candidate for this procedure. Among some of the factors that Dr. Greene considers are:

  • Whether patients are dealing with severe gum disease
  • Whether sufficient bone density exists for supporting titanium posts
  • Whether patients use tobacco products
  • Whether they have realistic expectations for the recovery process

If issues exist with the integrity of the underlying bone or the soft tissues within your mouth, Dr. Greene can help you get ready for implantation with secondary treatments such as bone grafting and root scaling and planing procedures. To ensure the success of your dental implant, Dr. Greene also recommends smoking cessation before having an implant installed. This will expedite the healing process and greatly limit the risk of implant failure.

Dental Implants Near Me

If you've been searching for dental implants, call Dr. Greene at 817-656-9078 today. She offers a comfortable, relaxing treatment environment, multiple options in anesthesia, and a variety of highly in-demand, restorative dental treatments.